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 Travel System

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PostSubject: Travel System   Travel System Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2018 9:51 pm

Travel System

When there are multiple cities/ continents/ planets/ universes available, travel is a given. It is also, without the use of a power, expensive depending on the scale. City hopping isn't very expensive within the same continent, but jumping oceans or jumping to another planet/universe is expensive depending on your current universe/planet and your funding/technology available.

There are 5 classes of technoloy availability that universes run by. These will be described below, so that we can get on to the travel part.

1: Class one, your universe is either very archaic or completely apocalyptic. You have very little technology available to you. Should you use anything technological, you would have to have made it yourself.

2: Class Two, your universe is not completely shut out, but neither do you boast for your tech savvy ways. The most you would have here are simple weapons and basic animal-drawn carriages.

3: Class Three, your universe is relatively savvy, having basic flint lock guns and cannons with possibly basic motorized vehicles and boats. Maybe even some propeller planes.

4: Class Four, much more "modern" to what we expect in this day. Modern cars and weaponry, along with modern technology available. Big influence on nuclear, solar and wind energy.

5: Class Five, a universe of the future. Technology leaps ahead of the others and weapons that use energy to fire instead of gunpowder. Flying vehicles is the normal mode of transport from both airplanes and cars.

Travel expenses for each type and class will be outlined below. It is your responsibility to know what class your universe falls under and what you are attempting to do.

City to City:

1: 2,000 Cubes
2: 1,500 Cubes
3: 1,000 Cubes
4: 500 Cubes
5: 250 Cubes

Continent to Continent:

1: 3,000 Cubes
2: 2,500 Cubes
3: 2,000 Cubes
4: 1,500 Cubes
5: 1,000 Cubes

Planet to Planet:

1: 5,000 Cubes
2: 4,500 Cubes
3: 3,000 Cubes
4: 2,500 Cubes
5: 2,000 Cubes

Universe to Universe:

1: 8,000 Cubes
2: 7,000 Cubes
3: 6,000 Cubes
4: 5,000 Cubes
5: 4,000 Cubes

Again, those with the powers to transport themselves or others by any means go around the above costs and travel for free. If you create a gadget to do so, you can also circumvent the above prices.
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Travel System
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