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PostSubject: Universe 7 info   Universe 7 info Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2018 10:36 pm

Universe 7 is comprised of 3 planetary bodies; Earth-7, the moon, and mars.

The planet's of this universe are highly advanced when compared to universe 1. They have flying vehicles and energy weapons and even renewable energy sources.

Universe 7 has a tech rating of 5/5.

The government is a dystopian society.

The people are controlled by the government through various methods of mind control, suggestion and sedation. Supers are viewed as deformities and are hunted to near extinction with the "S-gene sensing machine" which can identify those with the potential to carry a super gene. Here, supers have been nearly wiped from existence, other than a few colonies still in hiding.

Current Year: 2045
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Universe 7 info
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