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PostSubject: Raiden {FIN}   Raiden {FIN} Icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2019 7:55 pm

Sanctum Bio

Alias: Living Weapon
Legal Name: Raiden Johnson
Morality: Good
Inspiration: n/A


Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: High School Student
Wealth: 1,000
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 152 Lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Spiked/Styled
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Fair
Race/Species: Human/Mutant
Nationality: American
Voice: Calm/Collected/Tenor
Distinguishing Features: None
Costume: None

Powers and Abilities

Power: Assimilation
Power Limitations: Due to the nature of the ability, it is difficult to conceal some assimilations that the user may do.
Abilities: The user can absorb anything/everything, including matter/energy, power, etc., while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently. This can last as long as the user wants it to.
Requirements: Must be Raiden.
Weapons: none
Gadgets/Tech: none
Physical Weaknesses: He is technically a normal kid, but he gains realistic weaknesses depending on what he absorbs
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: He wants to fit in

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Intelligence, Calmness
Likes: Friends, Learning, Hero work
Dislikes: Evil, Bullies, being bored
Habits/Quirks: Has a hard time not getting his hands into things
Fears: Fear of death
Motivation: Wants to protect those around him
Family: Mother, Father and Sister all being held captive by the ASTF.
Romantic Interests: None
Allies: Oliver McAllister/McAllister Tech
Rivals: None
Enemies: ASTF

History: He was born and raised by super heroes. His father was one with the ability to manipulate energy on a nuclear scale, once having absorbed the full force of an atomic blast. His mother had the ability to enhance her physical abilities one at a time to a beyond superhuman level. His sister had not unlocked her powers by the time they were taken. He vowed to get his vengeance and so joined forces with what was the only hero who stood against the task force. Chaos.
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Raiden {FIN}
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