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PostSubject: Omnikinesis   Omnikinesis Icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2019 6:33 pm

Power: Omnikinesis
Power Limitations: Being extremely diversified, Omni-Manipulation requires lots of talent and knowledge in many fields to fully master this power. Hence, it is limited by the users knowledge of what they are doing and if they have a lapse of control, they could cause irreversible damage.
Abilities: The user can manipulate anything, be it matter, energy or even ether. With stipulation of kinetic powers being wide ranged, the user would be extremely powerful with mastery over this power.
Ethereal Manipulation
Aether Manipulation
Nether Manipulation
Supernatural Manipulation
Matter Manipulation
Atomic Manipulation
Biological Manipulation
Electron Manipulation
Elemental Manipulation
Ionic Manipulation
Molecular Manipulation
Organic Manipulation
Particle Manipulation
Positron Manipulation
Subatomic Manipulation
Vector Manipulation
Universal Manipulation
Astronomical Object Manipulation
Cosmological Force Manipulation
Cosmic Manipulation
Dimensional Manipulation
Existence Manipulation
Galaxy Manipulation
Planetary Manipulation
Reality Warping
Logic Manipulation
Physics Manipulation
Science Manipulation
Space-Time Manipulation
Superpower Manipulation
Universal Force Manipulation

Requirements: Unique to Yen.
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