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 When In Rome... Watch It Burn [P]

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PostSubject: When In Rome... Watch It Burn [P]   Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:30 pm

Kirei walked down the crowded street, hands in his pocket and not a care in the world on his mind. He had arrived in new york not long ago and was taking in the sights. It was interesting to him, to travel by plane. He felt that it was so slow when compared to his normal modicum of travel. But, according to everyone he spoke to, it was the way to go, they were amazed that they could reach a country across the globe in a matter of hours when he could do so... instantly. But, it didn't matter now, he was on summer vacation! He was finally free from the hustle and bustle of university life and he could take time to... his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a gunshot. His instincts kicked in and his eyes coursed with electricity as the world skidded to a halt. He could tell where it was coming from, so he swiftly made his way to that location. In a dark alleyway, he could see a man with a gun pointed at an obviously cowering man. A bullet was halfway on its way into the latters chest. Being the kind samaritan he was, he moved both the quivering man slightly and the bullet slightly, so that it would miss its target. He would then return to the sidewalk outside the alley so he could pretend to be a random passerby. Oh how he loved these crime roleplays.

"What the fuck?!" "Oh thank God!" Where all he heard as time resumed some. He rounded the corner with a worried look on his face. "Is everyone okay I heard a gunshot!" He asked worriedly, well, fake worried anyways. The man with a gun quickly pointed it at him and yelled, "Wrong place, wrong time kid. Get over here and give me all your money." Kirei simply gave in and laughed aloud in the man's face. "You want my money, come take it, jerk." The man, very obviously angered by his cheek, fired the gun at Kirei three times. Kirei caught all three bullets with ease. "I'll give you this, you have decent aim." All three of the bullets would have hit the same spot. He couldn't tell if it was luck or skill, but the man seemed mad enough that it was just luck. "Your magic tricks won't work on me, freak!" He yelled back. The man then proceeded to attempt to rush Kirei with a knife. He simply moved the man's attacks with gentle nudges, causing all of them to simply miss. The man looked absolutely dumbfounded, while the other guy looked basically the same. Kirei decided he was tired of this farce, it was time to end it. So, he touched the mans head and allowed his brain to see things as he saw them, at his speed. Which was much too much for him to process and he blacked out.

He left the victim there to do as he wished, simply vanishing. He reappeared on a rooftop several miles away, content with his deeds of saving lives. It was then he saw a red light appear on him, followed by around twenty more. It would seem that he had caught the attention of the Anti-Super Task Force. He was unsure how they had tracked him down, nor did he know why they wanted him, but he had heard that they were under new management and were after all supers now. So, he put his hands up, plain and simple. But, he didn't intend to allow them to capture him, nooooo not even close. The moment he heard their tranq guns go off, his eyes sparked with blue lightning. He waited for each tranq to get close before fully entering hyper speed. It was the speed that no other living being could keep up with, but he thrived there. He turned each dart completely around to face where they came from and gave each of them a gentle tap. When he went back to normal speed, it would seem he tapped them a bit too hard as they didn't just poke back into the soldiers, it went right through them. He smiled slightly, but then was actually forced to dodge a fist and a kick that came simultaneously from either side of him. The offending appendages belonging to two soldiers who then began teleporting around him.

It would seem that they felt his power also revolved around teleporting. It did not. The moment they reappeared, he slipped into his Hyper Speed. They weren't even moving anymore, so he just went over and removed their teleportation devices, destroying them, and then he tied the two soldiers together with saran wrap. All in all, it was a good days work, until he heard a voice from behind him.
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When In Rome... Watch It Burn [P]
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