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 Wrong Side Of The Law [P,PLOT,INTRO]

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PostSubject: Wrong Side Of The Law [P,PLOT,INTRO]   Wrong Side Of The Law [P,PLOT,INTRO] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 6:20 pm

Oliver sat in his office with the news playing. It was nearly 10:00 am and he was sure that soon there would be some coverage of the meeting between Void and that Kosuke person should their talks turn less than diplomatic. Though, at the moment there were no mentions of supers or battles around the world. No, there was only coverage of the newly elected President, Vin Devicci. The man was very clearly a corrupt and vile man, but even still, he won the election almost 80% ahead of his competitor, who was found guiltt of some form of fraud or embesslement and is now serving three consecutive life sentences. The news station was currently covering something the man had been speaking on the other day, about securing the Anti-Super Task Force from privately owned McAllister Tech and turning it into a government controlled agency. Of course, the man seemed to have all of capital hill in his pocket, including most major judges and such across the country, so it was highly likely he would succeed to buy Oliver out. This obviously wouldn't bode well for his team, as then they would be legally hunted and supers would be branded terrorists. He was briefly reminded of the time he visited Earth-7. It would not be good should this man succeed.

His thoughts were broken when the distinct smell of a cigar entered his senses. The door to his office opened and four armed men entered along with an older man wearing a suit with a cigar in his hand. The latter walking straight up only a few paces away from Oliver's desk. It was the man himself, President Devicci. He spoke with a bostonian accent, "Good Morning Mr.McAllister, appologies for the impromptu meeting. We have come for you to sign over your ownership of the Anti-Super Task Force. Not to discredit you, they have done admirably under your ownership, but we have a plan to exponentially increase their effectiveness and the number of supers they neutralize. We should be able to cut the population of supers in half in at least two years."  Oliver looked at him in his eyes, "I presume you have the necessary paperwork? Also, you are aware that many of the known supers are too much for any of our units." Vin simply chuckled, "Yes, which is why we have a form requisitioning the entirety of your SENTRY program. This includes current tech and any blueprints or anything currently in progress." Oliver had no choice but to sign the papers, the man was inside the law, at least technically. He needed to warn Void and the others, they were surrounded.
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Wrong Side Of The Law [P,PLOT,INTRO]
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