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 We have a PLOT?!?!?! [ARC 1]

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PostSubject: We have a PLOT?!?!?! [ARC 1]   Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:45 am

The hero Void has begun to put together a team following a cryptic warning from Oliver McAllister. While he searches for other Supers with the will and might to aid him in this upcoming storm, dark forces are at work elsewhere.

A corrupt politician, Vin Devicci, has been elected President of the United States and is currently gaining power and popularity among the nation and the world due to his unique powers of persuasion. He has already wrestled control of the Anti-Super Task Force away from Oliver and is currently in the process of getting laws passed to elect him as the dictator of America and her allies, as well as getting legislation passed to allow the ASTF to begin to lawfully hunt ANY person suspected of being or abedding a super. The penalty for either is death. This is being agreed on unanimously by the lawmaking body as well as 93% of the populace, this number is increasing rapidly with little to no opposition.

Is this the threat Oliver warned Void of? How will they deal with this lawfully without appearing to be the criminals that the world sees them as?  What of the evil organisation in the works, how do they fit in?
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We have a PLOT?!?!?! [ARC 1]
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