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 Transcendence (Void's Zenith)

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PostSubject: Transcendence (Void's Zenith)   Mon May 28, 2018 9:15 pm

Power: Transcendence
Power Limitations: As a Zenith Ability, Transcendence may only be used for five posts in any given thread. Use of this ability also causes large amounts of strain on Shane's "soul" due to the overtaxing of his powers, forcing him to lose his physical invulnerability for an additional five posts afterwards. The rest of his powers still work to a relatively normal degree, however.

Abilities: When activated, Void's eyes begin to glow as a silvery aura surrounds his body, and his hair begins to drift in a nonexistent breeze. An explosion of energy occurs that is capable of being seen and all the way across the multiverse, and it begins to seem as if nothing is incapable of containing Void's power.

Void's already-unmatched physical capabilities are extended even further as his body begins to react and fight on it's own. To most other individuals, it will appear as if he is simply holding still when he is in actuality striking and moving so fast that those who CAN see it would swear that he is in multiple places at once. Multiple, of course, being an understatement, as he is capable of countless strikes within the time it would take a speed-based Super to blink.

This does, however, have a major setback. Void's capabilities in this form truly transcend the boundaries set by reality itself. If he uses Transcendence for any longer than three posts, it begins to cause irreparable damage to whatever Universe he is currently fighting in. After the five-post limit is up, it is quite possible that the Universe itself could have been destroyed in the aftermath, or perhaps it resets itself to the state it was in before combat began in some display of self-defense.

Requirements: Void Only
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PostSubject: Re: Transcendence (Void's Zenith)   Mon May 28, 2018 9:48 pm

Good to go
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Transcendence (Void's Zenith)
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