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PostSubject: The hunt has begun   The hunt has begun Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2018 10:24 pm

Kosuke had returned to Japan where he reconnected with Kei. The two talked about various things as Kosuke used the knowledge he stole from Oliver, technically from the divine being known as Deus, to put together the pieces as to how he ended up here. He also started training Kei in some basic Taijutsu that was taught to all young Uchiha. The foundations to the interceptor fist, a style that relys on reacting to an opponents moves before they make them, sometimes before they even know they are going to make them. Obviously, the Sharingan is invaluable for this style, that was however, a tool that Kei yet lacked. The two were on their way back to the clan compound, through the main streets of Fuyuki. Kei was covered in sweat, walking with a limp. Kosuke on the other hand, looked relatively normal, calm, collected, but slightly on alert. His time in the war had ingrained that into him. 

They walked casually for several blocks when Kosuke heard a noise, something almost inaudible, and he couldn't tell exactly where it came from, but he heard it. It was only by pure instinct that he caught the dart that was aimed at his neck. Activating his sharingan, he was able to tell it was meant to knock him out. Kei, for his part was both in shock and afraid. He had never experienced something like this before. His cousin, at least that's what he had been telling people Kosuke was, had caught a tranquilizer dart that had been fired from somewhere and had activated his legendary Sharingan. He had not seen the Sharingan very much, other than when he was learning of its different functions from Kosuke, but he knew that even in its base form it was a very powerful tool.

With his enhanced vision, he looked out in the direction the dart had come from and could see a man on the top of a skyscraper with a large weapon he now knew to be called a gun. Apparently that replaced the kunai and bows and arrows of his own time. Looking to his cousin, his eye would shift to its EMS state for only an instant, drawing the boy into his Kamui Dimension. He didn't need the future of the Uchiha clan getting killed. Deactivating his sharingan, he activated Sage Mode. His eyes shifting to a glowing yellow color and red markings appearing under them. Rushing to where the man was, he slammed a fist into his gut. The man hadn't even registered Kosuke moving when he felt the pain from the punch, even with his specially designed helmet. 

Kosuke felt the unique chakra this man was giving off, well more exactly, the uniform he was wearing. It was eerily similar to Oliver McAllister. It would seem that he had been tracked down. He wondered what the man wanted from him, it was obvious that the man wanted him alive, probably for some weird experiment. He could feel several signals similar to this ones closing in on his position. He needed to get out of this place, but more importantly, he needed to get Kei to safety so he could use his Kamui if need be. Teleporting to their home, he would release Kei and knock him unconscious before teleporting back. 

When he arrived, he saw ten men surrounding him with their weapons pointing directly at him. There were also several men on the rooftops around him aimed at him directly. He heard the clicks of the triggers just as his sage mode was released. He didn't flinch, but used his magnet release to stop all of the bullets from even leaving any of the guns, including those on the surrounding rooftops. The men all looked surprised and confused, Kosuke simply started walking towards them. The men shook themselves from their stupor very quickly, and actually seemed to try and attack him with hand to hand combat. This obviously failed. He moved swiftly and effectively weaving through their attacks. He would raise his hands, turning the concrete beneath them into a dry sand, controlling it to wrap the men up in sand coffins, leaving only their heads exposed. 

Turning his focus on the men on the roofs, he would form a very tiny truth-seeking ball at the tip of his index finger. Firing it at one of the men, it exploded the moment it hit him between his eyes. It took out the entire top half of the building he was in. Almost thirty stories. There was one more, but he activated some form of teleporter before Kosuke was able to attack him, no doubt taking him back to Oliver. He would need to followup on this direct attack soon. But first, he needed to go and wake up his 'cousin'.
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The hunt has begun
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