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PostSubject: Hero System   Hero System Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2018 9:19 pm

Hero System

This system will cover the classifications of both hero and power. Heroes are given rankings based on both their power and threat level given said power. We will use well known examples from unaffiliated (Marvel and DC) but well known heroes to make it easier to understand.

Below is a basic list of some types of powers you might could make in some form or another, but this list is hardly complete. So, feel free to make any power you can think of, this is merely a guideline.

Power Types

Enhancement Powers: Basic powers that lead to some enhanced physical feature, from enhanced speed or strength to enhanced vision or hearing. These all lead to a person having at least one area that they are viewed as "superhuman".

Mimicry Powers: The ability to mimic something with one's body simply through sight or touch. One might be able to turn their skin into any material through touching that material, or being able to copy any physical feat through sight.

Immunity Powers: Immunity to poison or cold or fire. This is a basic power, but not one to be looked down upon due to its ability to circumvent some other powers.

Manipulation Powers: The ability to create and then manipulate certain elements. From fire, water and air, all the way to light, shadows and even things on a cosmic scale or an atomic one. This set of powers has the most potential filling its core, though all abilities work off the same principal of create and manipulate.

Materialization Powers: The ability to manifest objects based solely on the users will power. Think along the lines of green lantern, yet not requiring a ring of power.

Psychic Powers: A very powerful set of powers revolving around things people can do solely with their mind, from telepathy to telekinesis, this set of powers is no doubt insanely useful and adaptive.

Absolute Powers: One of if not, the most powerful set of powers. This set allows one to contain all aspects of whatever it is the absolute of. For example:
Absolute Condition is having the ultimate condition to both physical and mental compartments. Almost limitless strength, speed, stamina, accuracy, regeneration, etc...

Another example being, Absolute SensesL Having the abilty to sense everything absolutely. See, hear, smell, feel everything in a world without limits.

Omnipotence is considered to be the only limited ability and is currently held by Chaos/Oliver/Deus.

Hero Ratings

D- Basically, this is a normal person with little power or little control over their power. They are also not viewed as a threat at all.

C- This person has some power, or decent control over their power. They aren't viewed as a large threat, though they could likely cause a lot of damage in a single block, or residence.

B- This is someone who has a good amount of power and decent control over this power. They are a threat to large buildings and large neighborhoods.

A- This level means someone has a great amount of both power and control. They are able to cause immense amounts of damage and could destroy about half of a city.

S- Someone of this level has an astounding of power and great control over it. They can destroy a city should they so desire, so are viewed as a pretty big threat.

SS- This person has a ton of power and fantastic control. They are viewed as a threat to entire continents, should they choose to attack.

SSS- This person has insane amounts of power and knows how to play to their strengths. They are a threat to entire planets.

There are heros whose powers could be said to be above SSS-rate, but they are still considered to be in this classification. Prime examples would be those who have Absolute Powers or the singular user of Omnipotence, Deus.
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Hero System
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