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 Rude Awakening, Questions Answered

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PostSubject: Rude Awakening, Questions Answered   Thu May 03, 2018 6:22 pm

Col. Smith, of the AST had just dropped into Los Angeles with his team. Apparently there was something fishy going on about some of the gambling houses in town and a man who could win without cheating apparently, but he won every time, no matter what he played. They arrived where they had tracked the man and set up a perimeter around the building. Their sensors were picking him up inside the building headed out, so the Colonel and two men got set up out front while there were three snipers set up prepared to take a shot should the mutant prove to be hostile. Each member of the team was equipped with the latest in mutant stopping technology, including high capacity magazines, and high damage rounds in their rifles, as well as various purpose grenades from stun to trap to shrapnel. The moment their target came out of the building, Col. Smith would step forward and issue the standard warning. "This is the Anti-Super Task Force, we have positively identified you as a mutant and are going to be bringing you in for gross misuse of your power and for fraud. Come quietly or we will not hesitate to use force." His gun trained directly on his target and the snipers set up from three different angles, each with a kill shot lined up.
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PostSubject: Re: Rude Awakening, Questions Answered   Thu May 03, 2018 6:43 pm

Alex Price had just finished winning another jackpot when something told him it was time to go. Maybe it was the demon he had living in his soul now, Alucard. Perhaps, instead it was simply his natural intuition that always led him down the paths he needed to be on. Well, he actually doubted his luck for a moment when he stepped out the door and was greeted with the sight of three armed soldiers training their sights on him. This was not gonna fly, arrested? As if.

"Good to meet you, Colonel. I'm afraid that I won't be joining you today, perhaps I can check me schedule and see when I might be able to add you in." With that, he would move to begin walking away when there was the slightest shift in the wind and the pressure dilated ever so slightly, three bullets missed their mark by the slightest integer. It would seem that his luck hadn't run out at all and that in fact he was meant to be here. Pausing in his movements, he would turn back to the man who he had guessed to be the Colonel. He knew he was right, as he was never wrong with a guess. He turned sideways casually as a few more bullets whizzed by. It would seem that these men really did intend to kill him for resisting arrest. How gutless.

If they intended to fight, he would show them the err in their ways, but he wanted them to know, that they had brought this on themselves. "Just so you and the cronies listening in from your base can know, you brought this upon yourself." With that, he would release a dagger he created out of thin air flying forwards, actually stabbing one of the soldiers through the heart, killing him instantly. He would then rush towards the second soldier, positioned between himself and the colonel, the men present, including the snipers would soon realize, none of their bullets would hit their mark. Misfortune was upon them, and death would be their reward. The snipers all met various random fates. One of them tried to move to a better position and slipped, falling off the rooftop to his death, another had a fatal gun malfunction that ended his life. The final one actually died as the result of a ricochet bullet shot by the Colonel himself.
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Rude Awakening, Questions Answered
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