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PostSubject: Alucard, Son of Nytos   Alucard, Son of Nytos Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2018 1:35 pm

Alucard, Son of Nytos Screen13

Name: Alucard
Alias: God of Destruction, King of Hell
Age: 2,000,000
Race/Species: God, Demon
Location: Inside Fortune
Universe: Universe 1
Occupation: None

Power: Demon Possession
Power Limitations: Depending on ones will, the demon may gain full control or partial control of their body, destroying their soul.
Abilities: When one is possessed by the Demon Alucard, they gain all of the abilities Alucard has in addition to their own abilities if they had any.
Supernatural Condition- the user is ahead of other members of theur race to a supernatural degree.
Eye of Chaos- Cosmological awareness, movement tracking, precognition, mimicry


Power: Magic
Power Limitations: Only limited by the imagination
Abilities: The user is able to perfectly manipulate and control whatever aspect of energy or whatever form their magic takes. Ranging from controlling basic elements and any form they take to manipulating creation, destruction, space/time, or even reality itself.

Alucard has:


Power: Immortality
Power Limitations: Users of Power Negation may prove to be a hassle.
Abilities: The user cannot die. Their body will immediately heal from any damage done to them whatever severity it is, they heal.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral
Purpose: Because.
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Alucard, Son of Nytos
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