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PostSubject: Old Blood Awakening   Old Blood Awakening Icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2018 11:16 pm

The world seemed to be a dim place. There was blackness, and he was floating about in the void. He did not know how long he had been there, but he knew it had been a long time. He was in a dream, something that separated him from the reality of the times he had spent in Konoha or Chowa. How long had it been? Years? Decades? Millenia? He did not know, but he knew one day he would find out. As he floated, he became aware of a sudden, all encompassing light that appeared and then enveloped him whole. Sitting up, he took a moment to get adjusted to his new surroundings. Looking around, he saw a boy dressed in strange attire looking at him. He was sitting upright on a table now, obviously where he had been asleep or whatever for the past however long. Speaking to the boy, it very quickly became obvious that they did not speak the same language. But, he knew how to fix that. His sharingan swirling to life, the boy looked both shocked and afraid, but he quickly forgot those feelings, as well as forgetting that he saw anything unusual from the man before him. Shifting his eyes into the Rinnegan, he would reach over and touch the boy, and in that instant, he learned everything he would need to know about the world, how it had changed, where he was, who he was with, the language of the area and some bits of the history. Once he released his touch, he would return to the table and release his genjutsu, the boy would blink and then continue staring at Kosuke, as though he was some sort of anomaly. "It's rude to stare, you know." Was all Kosuke said before the boy seemed to get embarrassed. "Who are you? How did you get locked up here? How long have you been locked up here?" were all questions he tossed Kosuke's way. 

Not feeling like answering any of the above mentioned questions, Kosuke would simply stand and begin walking away from the boy. "Hey, i'm talking to you!" The boy would then move to throw a punch at the back of Kosuke's head. The elder of the two merely shifted his head slightly and caught the punch, effortlessly holding the fist at bay. "It's rude to attack someone unprovoked, you know." He would state as he released the hand of the now stunned boy and continued making his exit. When he made it to the surface, he found that he was in a forest that seemed to have grown where the Naka Shrine once was. No doubt it had been demolished at one point or another. The boy caught up finally and got in front of Kosuke, "Fight me! You are obviously strong, but I want answers. If I win, you have to give them to me!" Kosuke would let out a sigh, thinking back to his days training a certain Hyuuga, how he missed that boy's attitude. "Fine, but if I win, I can do as I please." The boy seemed to nod before taking off at a speed that the 'average' human of this time period would think to be amazing. To Kosuke, it merely proved how far his clan had fallen. The boy threw a series of punches and kicks, all were blocked with a single hand from Kosuke, who wore an impassive expression. "Do you lack the ability to use chakra? Are you even of the Uchiha Clan?" was all Kosuke had to ask the boy. He was disgusted by how weak his family had become. For his part, Kei was confused by the man's questions. "I don't know what you are talking about!" He threw another few punches, this guy was insanely strong. Kosuke, for his part, was tired of the charade and charged just a bit of lightning chakra into his hand, which paralyzed Kei for a few minutes. "My name is Kosuke Uchiha. I suppose I am your ancestor from a time long forgotten. I was sealed away after being betrayed by my people. You are also of the Uchiha clan, and from what I can tell, you have higher chakra reserves than what I feel from those around here. Meaning, there may be hope for you yet." Kosuke would then learn more about Kei, before learning a bit more about the world around him and he learned of a person who may know more about exactly how much time has passed. He was off, to America.
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