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PostSubject: Uchiha Clan    Uchiha Clan  Icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2018 6:03 pm

The Uchiha clan, was an ancient clan that dates back to a time long forgotten in history. When Japan was the home to many people who today would be considered, 'super'. But, then, it was merely the norm. Among these people, usually separated into groups of different clans, was one clan that stood above the others. The Uchiha clan. They had numerous abilities both common in the world at that time and those that were unique to them. All of these will be listed below.

Power: Supernatural Condition
Power Limitations: The user will eventually tire out and require rest. Given how obviously superior the user is compared to the normal members of his/her species, some level of megalomania, messianic complex and/or similar problems with attitude are a very real possibility.
Abilities: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally superior over their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely stronger, faster, durable and smarter than normal members of their species (in that verse) can achieve by any method of training and remain that way with little or no maintaining.

Power: Elemental Manipulation
Power Limitations: One may only know a certain number of elements, or only have training to use a few elements. Using these abilities also burns through the users energy levels.
Abilities: User can create, shape and manipulate the basic elements of nature, the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists
Requirements: One must specifically list the elements they can control. a "jutsu list" is not required, but is optional. 

Power: Chakra Manipulation
Power Limitations: Using this ability burns through the users energy reserves.
Abilities: The user is able to harness their inner energy, or chakra, for various purposes. These include enhancing their physical attributes or senses, as well as summoning forth this energy for attacks. 

Power: Sharingan
Power Limitations: Drains through one's chakra while active
Abilities: The Sharingan grants the wielder two broad abilities: the "Eye of Insight" (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan) and the "Eye of Hypnotism" (催眠眼, Saimingan). Even within these two categories, there may exist several distinct though similar abilities:

"Eye of Insight"
The user can see chakra, giving it colour in order to distinguish it by its composition and source. It can see chakra through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence.
The user is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements. The Sharingan was even able to see on a cellular level. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. They can also read the enemy's hand seals to give them an insight of the performed technique's nature, regardless of the speed of performance, so long as the hands are not physically hidden from view. Although a Sharingan user can see these things, they also need the physical ability to actually act on the visual information.
The user is able to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorising ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs. Again, Sharingan users need the prerequisite abilities before they can mimic a jutsu they have seen, and for that reason they cannot, for example, reproduce kekkei genkai abilities they do not have or nature transformations they haven't learned to perform.
"Eye of Hypnotism"
The user can perform what is generically called Genjutsu: Sharingan. While there are various manifestations and purposes of the ability, the better known one is to, through eye contact, suggest thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness. In extreme cases, the Sharingan user can take complete control of the target's body, forcing them to do exactly as the controller wishes; this control is visually indicated by the Sharingan's design appearing in the target's eye.. Multiple targets can be taken control of in this way, though the more divided the user's attention is, the easier it is for targets to escape this control.
While not an ability per se, the Sharingan user can appear as if they are able to "see the future". First, the user must perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes and possibly their thoughts and words through careful observation. Then, they suggest an action to the opponent such as hand seals for a technique that the opponent and Sharingan user already know and copy that. With these things done, the user can complete the action even before the opponent does, possibly using the Sharingan's genjutsu to confuse or delay them.

Power: Mangekyou/ Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
Power Limitations: If one does not have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, over using these techniques will lead to blindness.
Abilities: The Mangekyou or Eternal Mangekyou states of the Sharingan allow one many different abilities all based around their occular powers. 

Amaterasu: The ability to cast insanely hot flames with a glance that will burn for seven days and seven nights. These flames can be freely manipulated by their wielder, so only the wielder can put them out. 
Tsukuyomi: The ability to cast an illusion in which the target is trapped in a false world created by the user for three days. In this world, the user controls everything, even reality itself. On the inside of the illusion, three days pass, but on the outside of the illusion, it is less than a second. 
Kamui: The ability to create shifts in space/time for travel and defense. The user is able to make themselves intangible, as well as teleport themselves and objects to and from a dimension that is only reachable from using this technique.
Susano'o: The ultimate defense. The user is able to bring forth a skeletal giant or other forms of defense in the form of a skeletal rib cage all the way to a massive, three mile high, samurai warrior with wings and four arms. These also have weapons.
Kotoatsukami: The ability to cast a powerful suggestion on a target that borders on pure mind control. A target does not even realize that they are under the suggestion.
Jiki: The ability to control any metal that has been branded with a specific mark. This brand is placed simply through touch and is almost undetectable. 
Requirements: One must be Uchiha Clan, one must witness the death of a loved one for Mangekyou, and then transplant the mangekyou of a loved one for EMS.

Power: Rinnegan
Power Limitations: Over use of these techniques with low chakra levels can lead to death.
Abilities: The Rinnegan is upon the highest ranks of doujutsu, heralded as a legend to many, now forgotten to time. It has many different abilities, known as "path".

Outer Path: The outer path has control over life and death. This path is able to bring back the dead.
Deva Path: This path has control over gravity.
Human Path: This path has the ability to touch and remove someone's soul, as well as read their memories.
Asura Path: This path allows the user to transform their body into any machine imaginable.
Preta Path: This path allows the user to absorb any form of energy that they come across.
Naraka Path: This path allows the user to summon the King of Hell, which is used to perfectly repair anything put inside.
Animal Path: This path is able to summon any animal the user imagines.

The user is also able to create clones of themselves that host each path. Any clone has shared vision and consciousness, so they are all directly connected. Though, clones are not a requirement.

Requirements: Must attain chakra from the Senju Clan.

Power: Rinne-Sharingan
Power Limitations: Over use while low on chakra WILL kill the user.
Abilities: The Rinne Sharingan is hailed as the pinnacle and originator of all ocular abilities. It grants numerous abilities to the user upon achieving it, some of which can be used without even activating the eye.

Eye Abilities:
Infinite Tsukuyomi: An illusion so powerful, it is unparalleled. The user traps its victim for what feels to them like three years, but happens in a fraction of a second. The victim is stuck in a world controlled entirely by the user, down to the very fabric of reality. 

Infinite Amaterasu: The user casts Amaterasu on the sun, raining the black fire down everywhere the suns light touches. The user can also use this to turn their flames white as snow, to burn for infinity, or until the user deems it worthy to put out the flame. 

Infinite Izanagi: The user is able to turn illusion into reality. Anything the user can imagine is made real. This can be objects, people, concepts, the possibilities are endless.

Amenotejikara: The user instantly shifts the location of himself, others, and objects, within a certain range. This range can be increased if he swaps himself with an object. Due to its speed, this technique has proven to be especially useful for launching surprise attacks against enemies.

Yomotsu Hirasaka: The user is able to open rifts between dimensions or universes. Multiple rifts, or portals, can be opened in the same universe and used in a variety of ways, from redirecting opponents or their attacks, to attacking from multiple angles. It can also be used to transport the user anywhere in the multiverse they wish to go, instantly.

Passive Abilities:
All Killing Ash Bones: A certain-kill technique, the user hardens their own bones and protrudes them out of the skin, and then fires these weaponized structures from anywhere on their body at the intended target. When these bones pierce a living organism, the bone and target starts to deteriorate at a molecular level, disintegrating the victim and reducing their bodies to nothing more than a pile of ash.

Truth Seeking Ball: These orbs can be created by the user at will. They appear as hand sized black orbs that hover near or around the user when on standby. They are composed of all natures of chakra, including Yin-Yang. They cannot be destroyed, and a user can have no more than ten at one time. They have a variety of uses, mostly stemming from their ability to disintegrate anything they come into contact with, this is connected to the users will however, so they only destroy what the user wants. They can also be used to heal the user or others, and can be formed into any weapon the user desires. Their size can also be manipulated, it is unknown what the limits to their size currently are, but it is most likely connected to the user's will as well. 

Requirements: One must reach True Enlightenment

Power:Perfect Edo-Tensei Physiology
Power Limitations: The user has no soul and is susceptible to being sealed away.
Immortality: the user cannot die.

Absolute Healing Factor: the user will heal from any damage dealt.

Unlimited Chakra/Stamina: the user has unlimited stamina and energy for their abilities.
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