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PostSubject: Intrabit Deus   Intrabit Deus Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2018 11:18 pm

It had been a rather normal day for the richest man in New York City. He had started off with breakfast and then showering, followed by a short ride to work, and then once there he handled the duties of a CEO that had piled up in his brief absence. Now, you may be wondering, where was he absent to? He was in fact, in Universe Four doing a bit of research. He was searching for a cure, or a way to cure the disease that his relative Rob had contracted. He was terminal, and even the research he did while in the other universe had come up as extremely experimental and risky. But, the answers he came across were good enough that he was willing to give it a shot. But, he had some work to do for his company first, such as finishing a couple of projects he had been working on. He had been developing some prototype grenades for the military, just a few that were unique for certain situations. He had just finished the cryogenics grenade that would flash freeze anything within a twenty meter radius upon activation. Next was a grenade that would release a very particular flash of light that the average human eye couldn't handle, it would paralyze and blind all senses of a person that sees it within a ten meter radius for twenty minutes. Finally, was a sound grenade that upon activation would send out a sonic burst that would weaken the bonds between atoms in a five meter radius. This wouldn't effect humans or organic life directly, but would cause all inorganic structures to collapse.

Once he finished that, he decided it was time to head in to his other lab, he had a lot of work to do. Telling his secretary he was stepping out, he would jump in the elevator and head down to his secret lab. Once there, he would open the medical bay and head inside to check on its only patient. Robbie had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and had gone to all of the best hospitals and medical specialists to find a way to cure or at least slow down his disease as his body failed. But, for the moment, he was deep underground in a protective cryo pod that would keep his body in medical stasis while Oliver figured out how to save the man. During his various tests, he had found the gene responsible for mutations that held possibility for self regeneration, but he had no completely effective way to activate them. But, he had one idea, using his own mutated cells to activate the mans inherent regeneration.

Getting to a computer, he would begin typing and looking up all of the things he needed to get from the Universe Four database. There were various things, from the effects of prolonged stasis sleep, not physical effects mind you, mental ones. But, he filed that away for the time being. He needed to work on finding a way to activate the gene medically that wouldn't risk killing Rob. The only way he had found so far was a blood transfusion which should use his own regen cells to kick start Robbie's. This was dangerous however, as it could just as easily overload him and kill him. But, he was running out of options and he needed to figure something out soon. Robbie had been on a downhill slope even while still in the middle of cryo, so it was very important to get something figured out. Just then, a loud beeping started and it would seem that Rob was starting to go into hyper sleep which would end up killing him if his heart rate got too slow.

Oliver jumped up from his chair and ran over to the pod and pulled out a long tube connected to the side with a needle on it. "Fuck." He had no time to plan or think the consequences through, he had been rushed straight to plan Z. Jamming the needle into his vein, he watched as the blood traveled up and then into the pod, tinging the water a slightly pink color. more and more went in until the water turned pure red. Suddenly, Robbie's heart beat went off the charts and it looked as though he was having some sort of seizure. Ripping the tube from his arm, Oliver would slam a hand on a flashing red button causing the door to the stasis chamber to open and the water and steam inside to come pouring out. Robbie would fall to his knees coughing. Oliver breathed a sigh of relief, that is, until Rob looked at him. His eyes brimming with hatred and malice, looking ready to rid the world of Oliver's existence. He moved with a speed that honestly shocked Oliver and threw a punch, this punch however bounced off Oliver's chest like rubber. He might have unusual speed, but his strength belied the fact he was in a stasis pod for fifteen years.

Well, that's what Oliver thought until the second punch caught him in the chin and sent him sailing up all one-hundred and fifteen floors of his building and into the sky. He was so shocked, it wasn't until he started falling that he realized what had happened. He corrected himself in mid air and turned to fall straight back through the hole he had made in the first place. Activating his suit, it would unfold around him and cloak his identity as he fell. When he landed, the earth shook and he immediately scanned the room for his relative, only to find him scrounging about his workbench, the moment he touched a few pieces of tech, they seemed to meld to him and became a part of his body. This was not good. Dashing forwards he would attempt to grab him, but it would seem that he absorbed some phasing equipment Chaos had been working on, so he phased straight through him. This was not good. Turning, he saw another uppercut coming far faster than before, actually it was moving just faster than he himself had moved only a moment ago. Flying back up through the building and into the sky, he was unable to correct himself before Robbie litterally just appeared next to him and punched him in the gut.

He was sent careening through a few buildings, then slammed into the ground leaving a large crater. It was at this point he would pull himself together and think this through. His plan had obviously worked, but he had unlocked a far more powerful mutation than he had intended to. Apparently, Evo, as he would now be calling him, since it was clear Rob was gone, was capable of evolving and changing himself to become more powerful or match up to whatever he would come across. This would be highly difficult as it would mean Oliver would constantly have to increase his strength and speed to stay ahead, and if they got too far gone, the risk for casualties would be almost immeasurable. But, at the moment, he had no choice. Standing up, he would catch the punch that was aimed at his face without even looking at Evo, the shockwave would widen and deepen the crater he was in by around twenty meters. It was obvious that things had gotten serious now.

Pushing more strength out, he realized he needed to get out of the city, too much damage had already been done. "Robbie, if you are in there, now would be a great time to stop." He felt the strength increase again and matched it without breaking stride, he would then push away with a swing, throwing Evo away. That is, until he stopped in mid air and rushed back at Oliver at mach seven. "Fuck, he can fly?!" Oliver had little time to do or say anything else before he found himself being buried into the earth and then pulled into space. Luckily, due to his physical condition, he could survive the vacuum of space with little trouble, but Evo just shrugged it off as his body changed to be able to survive it. Before he could move to make an offensive strike on Evo, he found himself falling back to earth far to fast for his tastes. When he made impact, it was in the City of Seattle, the impact caused a scale 7 earthquake.

He felt he had broken bones and he was bleeding badly, but at the least he was healing. Well he was before Evo landed on his chest with enough force to cause a shock wave that totally decimated the surrounding city. Evo was pounding him into the ground harder and harder, moving faster and faster, it was obvious, he had adapted to overcome Oliver's regeneration factor. Oliver managed to punch him backwards, off of himself and into the ruins of a building. It was horrible being able to hear and smell the people who had already died. It made him angry, that all of this had happened because of him and he had no way to fix it, all he could do, even with his vast strength, was to find some way to kill Evo without causing many more casualties. Throwing a fist at Evo, the man was able to dodge and phase through his punches, it was a foreign feeling to Chaos, fighting an opponent who was able to harm him that he was unable to harm himself. It pissed him off, so much so, that he sent a punch forwards with one hundred times the strength he had been using before. His fist plunged straight through Evo's chest and out the other side, sending a wave of destruction that went on for two miles, leaving a wide gash in the earth's surface.

Retracting his fist, the hole closed almost immediately, and he found himself on the receiving end of such a punch. As he was sent flying, he thought of how in most circumstances, he would love to be involved in a fight like this, one that was even, or even stacked against him. One that allowed him to truly let loose. However, this was not a good battle, in that it had already killed millions of people, destroying half of one city and then the entirety of another. When he was slammed downwards, he found himself in Indianapolis, he had been sent all across the united states for this battle, he needed to end it as quickly as he could, but he was unable to and his healing factor was not working properly against this opponent who adapted to attack faster than it could heal. He was currently being pummeled into the ground, creating a wider and deeper crater with each punch to the face from Evo. He was starting to lose consciousness, which meant that for the first time in his life, he was losing a battle.

Suddenly, everything went black, and when he opened his eyes, he was filled with all knowledge in the universe and he could feel infinite powers. He knew everything that he or anyone else was capable of or would ever be capable of. As Evo continued punching him, it had somehow gotten back to how it was before, his fists connected but did absolutely no damage. "Stop." When those words left Oliver's mouth, they held an almost divine ring. Evo froze in place, as though he was forced by some unseen force to follow Oliver's command. Standing, Oliver looked at the man and placed a hand on his head, his body would slowly dissolve and fade into nothingness. Floating high into the air, Oliver would then repair all damage that had been done that day, in that battle. The cities put themselves back together and the souls were restored to those who died. Their memories of the event were removed and to all involved directly in the tragic battle, it would be as though it had never happened. Oliver could feel this power beginning to weigh on his human body. So, he used the power itself to create seven seals, putting away all of the power, leaving him able to use each power separately with the seals one at a time, though he could tell that should he use more than one at a time, it would have terrible consequences on his body.

Things had gone both good and bad on this day, the best part however, was the birth of a new hero, Deus.
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