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 Deities [WIP]

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PostSubject: Deities [WIP]   Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:57 pm

Species/Race Name: Gods/Goddesses


Transcendent Mortal: A mortal whose power is on the cusp of godhood, but remains as a mortal being.
Diet: Self-sustaining
Average height: any
Average weight: any
Average build: any
Average lifespan: Eternity
Average height: any
Average weight: any
Average build: any
Average lifespan: Eternity
Extra: Always embody some aspect or law, moreso than any other power does.


Classification: No government
System: One above all
Values: power and knowledge
Religion: Atheistic: Why worship yourself?
Settlements/colonies: The multiberse is their home


Military: none
Civilian/Public: none
Overview: No need for technology when your power surpasses all of the universe's tech combined.

Traditions: Gods are not born, they are earned. One must push their power beyond its peak or beyond what their body can handle. Or even do something heroic or so absolutely evil that godhood is the only explanation.

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Deities [WIP]
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