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 Boundary Manipulation

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PostSubject: Boundary Manipulation   Boundary Manipulation Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2018 1:51 am

Power: Boundary Manipulation
Power Limitations: He is unable to erase one side, for both sides must always exist.
Boundary Perception
Boundary Removal
Boundary Restoration
Duality Transcendence
Opposites Shuffling
Rumor Manifestation
Applications (General)
If the correct boundary is altered, the user can achieve:

All Almighty Powers
All Enhancements
All Manipulations
All Mental Powers
All Mimicries
All Personal Physical Powers
All Superpowers
Applications (Details)
Absolute Immortality (Life/Death)
Absolute Restoration (Break/Repair)
Absolute Change (Immutable/Changeable)
Affinity/Aversion (Connected/Disconnected)
Age Shifting/Age Manipulation (Young/Old)
Alpha Physiology/Weakened Form (Superior/Inferior)
Anti-Magic/Mystic Derivation (Natural/Occult)
Beginning Dominance/Conclusion Dominance (Beginning/Ending)
Boundary Perception (By Nature)
Boundary Restoration (Altered/Unaltered)
Boundless Inner World (Inner/Outer)
Causality Manipulation (Cause/Effect)
Change/Stagnation (Alternation/Uniformity)
Circadian Manipulation (Day/Night)
Complete Arsenal (All/None)
Creation (Creation/Destruction)
Death Inducement/Resurrection (Life/Death)
Definition Manipulation (Defined/Undefined)
Deification (Man/God)
Destruction (Unity/Division or Creation/Destruction)
Difference Manipulation (Same/Different)
Distance Manipulation (Near/Far)
Dual Warping (Objective/Subjective)
Existence Manipulation (Existence/Nonexistence)
Freedom (Rebellious/Obedient)
Immutability (Alteration/Preservation)
Indeterminacy (Bounded/Boundless)
Infinite Supply (Zero/Infinity)
Logic Manipulation (Possible/Impossible)
Luck (Success/Failure)
Manipulations (Inertia/Control)
Meta Power Manipulation (Able/Unable)
Meta Powers (Meta/Hypo)
Meta Probability Manipulation (Possible/Certain)
Meta Summoning (Come/Leave)
Meta Teleportation (Here/There)
Meta Transcendence (Unlimited/Limited)
Moral Manipulation (Moral/Immoral)
Omniarch (Freedom/Obedience)
Omnicide (Kill/Survive)
Omnicompetence (Capable/Incapable)
Omnifarious (Alteration/Restoration)
Omnificence/Nonexistence (Creation/Erasure)
Omnilingualism (Spoken/Heard)
Omnilock (Inside/Outside)
Omnipotence (Limited/Unlimited and Relative/Absolute)
Omnipresence (Nowhere/Everywhere)
Omniscience/Omninescience (Knowledge/Ignorance)
Omega Physiology (Beginning/End)
Oneiric Reality Manipulation (Dreams/Reality)
Paralysis Inducement (Motion/Stillness)
Phenomenon Manipulation (Science/Magic)
Physical Godhood (Wave/Particle)
Portal Creation (Connection/Separation)
Power Augmentation/Limitation Inducement (Strong/Weak)
Power Immunity (Susceptible/Immune)
Power Negation (Omnipotence/Impotence)
Reality Warping/Subjective Reality (Fantasy/Reality)
Reflective Immutability (Self/Others)
Reversed Effect (Defeat/Victory)
Rule Bending (Confinement/Freedom)
Spatial Manipulation (Everywhere/Nowhere/In-between)
Self-Sustenance (Awake/Asleep)
Supernatural Manipulation (Natural/Unnatural)
Time Manipulation (Past/Present/Future)
Totality Manipulation (Everything/Nothing)
Truth Manipulation (Truth/Lies)
Ultimate Intangibility (Touchable/Untouchable)
Ultimate Invincibility (Beatable/Unbeatable)
Ultipotence/Metapotence (Unrestricted/Inconceivable)
Unity (Something/Everything)
Variable Manipulation (More/Less)
Vector Manipulation/Power Echo (Origin/Destination)
Virtual Warping (Reality/Virtuality)
Wound/Death Transferal (Self/Others)
Requirements: Being granted it by The Creator himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Boundary Manipulation   Boundary Manipulation Icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2018 2:06 pm

Approved as fk
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Boundary Manipulation
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