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PostSubject: Fortune's Updates   Fortune's Updates Icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2018 4:57 pm

Sanctum Bio

Alias: Fortune, Alucard, King of Kings
Legal Name: Alex Price
Universe: Los Angeles, USA, Earth-1, Universe 1


Gender: Male
Age: 21 (2,000,000)
Occupation: None
Wealth: 1,000,000,000
Race/Species: Human/Mutant,  Demon
Nationality: American

Fortune's Updates Gilgam10

Powers and Abilities

Power: Meta-Luck
Power Limitations:
Limited Effect: Can only effect the user, meaning while it can effect those around the user, it is only through happenstance, or... luck. But, the user cannot bestow luck or bad luck on any other person, NPC or PC.

User is blessed with luck so great it bends the very structures of reality, constantly rearranging them to their advantage. This allows users amazing success in all activities and aspects of life, to surpass the most impossible odds and defeat the most unbeatable opponents. Whatever users need or desire, ideal opportunities will spontaneously present themselves, opening new paths to wherever they wish to go.

Golden Rule: always be destined for wealth and good fortune.
Business Intuition: having keen insight on business and finance.
Intuitive Precognition: knowing when something good is coming.
Opportunity Sense: having good instinct in every opportunity.
Trading Intuition: having great knowledge in trade.
Meta Probability Manipulation: User can manipulate all kinds of probabilities, of all nature and scale, increasing the possibilities exponentially, including the quantum level, which fluctuations underlay everything in material universes, and the metaphysical level, which is essentially the quantum equivalent in non-material realms. This allows users to achieve virtually any effect, as long as it isn't absolutely out of the realm of probabilities.
Causality Negation: The user can negate both cause and effect. This allows the user to achieve any desired effect by negating someone or something's cause and/or effect.
Consequence Removal: User can remove consequences to any course of action, causing the consequences disappear and not happen after a course of action is done. 
Meta Variable Manipulation: User can manipulate and alter any variables, including those nonphysical and more abnormal in nature. Allowing the users influence and control beyond those that only exist in the physical realm
Personal Probability Manipulation: Users are able to alter themselves and even the world, being able to manipulate any/all probabilities that has any involvement with them, allowing them to have literally, absolute control of their fate, future, and even their own past, with virtually no limit to what they can do.
Path Maker: based on their needs and desires.
Fate Denial: by wanting to fight their own predestined fate.
Logic Defiance: by wanting to defy the laws of their own reality.
Path to Victory: through their own desires to always be victorious.
Self Sufficiency: being successful in virtually everything.
Infinite Resourcefulness: having a mind capable of everything.
Omnicompetence: handle all situations and personal matters.
Situational Synchronicity: always having perfect timing.
Unpredictability: by acting and behaving randomly.
Ultimate Invincibility: against all impossible and unbeatable odds.

Requirements: Mutation at birth.

Power: Demon Possession
Power Limitations: Depending on ones will, the demon may gain full control or partial control of their body, destroying their soul.
Abilities: When one is possessed by the Demon Alucard, they gain all of the abilities Alucard has in addition to their own abilities if they had any.
Supernatural Condition- the user is ahead of other members of theur race to a supernatural degree.
Eye of Chaos- Cosmological awareness, movement tracking, precognition, mimicry

Power: Magic
Power Limitations: Only limited by the imagination
Abilities: The user is able to perfectly manipulate and control whatever aspect of energy or whatever form their magic takes. Ranging from controlling basic elements and any form they take to manipulating creation, destruction, space/time, or even reality itself.
Alucard has:

Power: Immortality
Power Limitations: Users of Power Negation may prove to be a hassle.
Abilities: The user cannot die. Their body will immediately heal from any damage done to them whatever severity it is, they heal.

Weapons: None
Gadgets/Tech: None
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Fortune's Updates
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