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 Subatomic Manipulation

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PostSubject: Subatomic Manipulation    Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:27 pm

Power: Subatomic Manipulation
Power Limitations:
Change in Genetic Structure: Upon attaining this mutation, the users bones change in hardness and density. This increases their weight drastically which makes swimming impossible and makes them hard to lift. Can make hiding your powers more difficult.
Fatigue: Using some skills associated with this power are much more energy consuming than others. One, even of limitless stamina and energy can grow fatigued for some time from using these abilities too extensively.
Consequenses: Due to the nature of these abilities, the user has to excersize immense control and precision with their powers as one could cause untold devastation and casualties on accident with even a small usage of this power.
Will-power: The user can be unable to use or control the abilities they have should their mental state be broken or fatigued or if they suffer physical fatigue.

The user can manipulate subatomic particles which are a lot smaller than atoms, achieving a variety of effects and manipulate matter at the subatomic level. This ability is directly connected to will-power and creativity. The user is able to do many things, listed below:

Atomic Manipulation
Self-Atomic Manipulation
Antimatter Manipulation
Cosmological Force Manipulation
Electron Manipulation
Energy Manipulation
Explosion Inducement
Force-Field Manipulation
Fundamental Forces Manipulation
Ionic Manipulation
Ionization Inducement
Matter Manipulation
Biological Manipulation
Chemistry Manipulation
Elemental Manipulation
Elemental Transmutation
Matter State Manipulation
Matter Transmutation
Molecular Manipulation
Object Manipulation
Meta Regeneration
Nuclear Manipulation
Physics Manipulation
Positive Electricity Manipulation
Quantum Manipulation
Quantum Teleportation
Quark Manipulation
Radiation Manipulation
Self-Subatomic Manipulation
Size Manipulation

Requirements: A Rare Mutation
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Subatomic Manipulation
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