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PostSubject: Shane Wolfe/Void (Complete)   Shane Wolfe/Void (Complete) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2018 11:47 pm

Sanctum Bio

Alias: Void
Legal Name: Shane Wolfe
Morality: Neutral Good
Inspiration: Who knows?


Gender: Male
Age: 21; Born on July 11th
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Student, Heir to Wolfe Family Fortune
Wealth: 300,000 Cubes
Height: 6' 1.5"
Weight: 172lbs
Hair Color: White
Hair Type: Soft, Spiky.
Eye Color: Bronze
Skin Color: Tanned
Race/Species: Human
Nationality: American
Voice: Bass
Distinguishing Features: Other than the white hair? Well, there IS the lazy, wolfish grin...

After Battle:

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Ultimate Invincibility
Power Limitations: Should the user's willpower fail them, or they suffer severe psychological trauma, then this power is rendered useless until they can find their resolve once more. Also, extended use of this ability causes one's body to go through premature aging, reducing the maximum lifespan of those gifted with it to approximately 40 to 45 years, and causing each of them to develop one terminal issue of their choice.

Abilities: The user is completely invincible in many different ways and activities physically, mentally, spiritually etc. making its user supreme in one or several ways. Some users cannot be defeated by conventional means and have no weakness, while others have just never lost a battle and never will, simply put the user cannot be beaten. Strength, speed, and reaction time are enhanced to godlike levels, and the user cannot be damaged by any normal means. Any attack able to break through will find itself healed in a matter of seconds. Until the battle is over, the user becomes virtually unstoppable.

Void is also a master with all bladed weapons, an expert hand to hand combatant, and his accuracy with both bows and firearms is almost unmatched.

Weapons: TBD
Gadgets/Tech: TBD
Physical Weaknesses: Shane suffers from Sickle-Cell Anemia due to the manifestation of his powers. Doctors are at a loss as to how he developed it, as neither of his parents have the genetic markers for it, and he lacks them himself. It can be assumed that he cannot pass it on to any children he has, but it will most likely lead to his death.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Shane has an intense desire to protect the people he is close to, and if one of them is threatened then he will likely do whatever is asked of him to ensure their safety. Of course, if they are hurt in any way, then he will cause untold damage to those that hurt them.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits:

Charm: Shane is a very polite person. He's witty, funny, and generally a fun person to be around. It doesn't hurt that he's fairly easy on the eyes, too!

Intelligence: Shane has inherited his father's analytical mind, making him a spectacular student and a brilliant tactician.

Loyalty: Shane is very loyal to those who have earned his respect, and would likely die for a friend in a heartbeat.

Willpower: Shane's sheer willpower is nearly endless, and radiates off from him in waves.

Likes: Reading, combat, family and friends, food.
Dislikes: His sickness, bullies, those who refuse to stand up for themselves.
Habits/Quirks: Wears a pair of glasses most days. You'd be surprised how much they change your face!
Fears: Loneliness.

Depression: Shane is prone to fits of depression due to his particular circumstances.

Temper: While it is actually fairly hard to trigger, Shane does have a spectacular temper, and when someone finally send him over the edge, it could have dire consequences for everything in the general vicinity.

Soft-Hearted: When it comes to the people he cares about, Shane can be a downright softy. While this normally isn't a bad thing, if he's betrayed it can shatter him completely. This is a major weakness, as it plays on both his loyalty and is a direct trigger for his will to be broken.

Motivation: He really just doesn't want to see people suffering.


Adam Wolfe (Father, Deceased)
Jen Wolfe (Mother, Estranged)
Riley Wolfe (Little Sister)

Sarah Silver (Cousin)

Romantic Interests: None at the moment.

Allies: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A

History: Shane was always a kind boy growing up, never one to complain or argue. His father was an inventor and technological genius, and was almost always working. Despite this, he had always managed to make time for his family. His mother was a lovely woman, and his little sister was born four years after he was, being a little ball of energy that he loved dearly. His childhood was fairly innocent for the first few years. Having been born into money, there really wasn't much he needed to worry about other than his academics, which he took to like a fish to water.

When he was six years old, everything changed drastically. His mother, Jen, had been having an affair with a man named Rick, who was extremely jealous of his father. The two of them had planned on murdering Adam Wolfe, taking the family's fortune, and running away together to start a new life. Of course, Shane and his baby sister Riley were a snag in that plan, so they decided to take care of them, too. One night Shane woke up to Riley crying, and went to check on her. Surprised that neither of his parents were in the room, the boy picked up his sister and rocked her until the two-year old was able to calm down. Taking her with him downstairs, he walked into the living room of his family's manor just as Rick shot Adam through the head, with Jen nearby. Stunned, Shane was helpless as Riley began crying once more, and as the older man turned on him. There was a loud bang, and when he looked down his own chest was covered in blood. Falling to his knees, he watched with dull eyes as the man walked over to his little sister with a knife, planning on ending her in a more...humane way. As the light glinted off from that silvery edge, something inside the boy broke. The flesh and bone that was ruptured by the bullet stitched itself back together, and a near-animalistic fury took over his small frame. The world slowed down, and as he lashed out to push Rick away from his sister the power surging through his veins ended up sending the grown man through a nearby wall, a crunch sounding as his bones shattered.

When Shane finally came to, he was in a hospital with a teenage girl looking at him. She couldn't have been more than fourteen, but she stood there with a smile like she belonged. She introduced herself as his cousin, Sarah, and said that she'd take care of him and Riley from then on. He vaguely remembered his mother speaking about his uncle and his family, but he had never met them in person. When he was told that his mother was arrested and Rick was found dead, he was shocked, and was even more so when Sarah told him he had superpowers. Weren't those people supposed to be really rare?

Fast forward several years. Shane was in high school. He had taken several martial arts courses and mastered them all due to his abilities, and had even been taught how to shoot effectively. Sarah hadn't really opposed to his desire to learn, especially when he had said that he just wanted to help protect Riley. They had discovered that his powers were spectacular, on a magnitude few could ever dream of. The few people they actually trusted with the knowledge were those that could help, at least. and they were the ones who had taught him how to use his full potential. He never lost a spar, his skin was practically impervious to anything they could think up, and his physical abilities were amazing. He hid them from his school for the most part, if only so that he didn't get looked at as a freak. There were, of course, some drawbacks. As far as the doctors could tell, his cells were aging prematurely. While it didn't necessarily show physically, his effective lifespan had shortened drastically after his powers manifested. He had also contracted Sickle-Cell Anemia through some unknown genetic mutation caused by his own powers, despite his lack of markers for it. He would have random bouts of pain, sometimes worse than others, and an attack could only be lessened through painkillers. Regardless, he would make due.

One day, he noticed a freshman being bullied by the quarterback of the school's football team. This was something that brought a frown to his face. He had been picked on by the jock himself before, and he hated that it was allowed simply because of the older student's social immunity. Deciding that he had had enough of watching no one take a stand, Shane decided that he would put an end to it. Dressing himself up in a black tank-top with a red track shirt and black jeans, Shane ditched his glasses before sneaking onto the football field one night, where several members of the team were out drinking and smoking. The ensuing fight was completely one-sided. Shane never lost.

Void would never lose.
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PostSubject: Re: Shane Wolfe/Void (Complete)   Shane Wolfe/Void (Complete) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2018 8:24 am

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Shane Wolfe/Void (Complete)
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