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PostSubject: Human kind   Human kind Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2018 2:53 pm

Species/Race Name: Humans (Homo Sapien)


Mutants: Humans who gain other-worldly powers through a genetic mutation. While mutations are rare, they can, in some cases be found with similar powers being found in different people.

Super humans: A human who by some means has gotten to just above the peak of average human performance. They do not exhibit special powers, nor do they have abilities to do much more than a normal human, though they are superior than the average for their race.

Description: (Uhhh.. do you really need this, Human?)
Diet: Omnivore
Average height: 5'10"
Average weight: 195.5 Lbs
Average build: Moderate Muscle
Average lifespan: 80 Years
Average height: 5'5"
Average weight: 168.5 Lbs
Average build: Moderate Slim
Average lifespan: 81
Extra: N/A


Classification: Homo Sapien
System: Universe Dependant
Values: Universe Dependant
Religion: Many Religions World/Universe Wide
Settlements/colonies: All Universes/Worlds
Diplomacy: Depends on the Universe.


Military: Universe Dependant
Civilian/Public: Universe Dependant
Overview: Universe Dependant

Traditions: Universe Dependant

Conflicts/Issues: Universe Dependant
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